Scotch Brite Super Strong 3M - 2PCs

Its always a challenge to clean cooking and serving utensils. The tuff stains, oil stickiness, bad odor due to left over residue on utensils are difficult to be washed out.
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It needs a lot of hard work and scrubbing and is a constant challenge to cleanliness and hygiene. 3M Scotch brite has a solution to every problem related to cleanliness and a wide variety of products and tools. Scotch brite scrub pad as a scouring pad is a must have in every kitchen.

Scotch brite scrub pad is highly effective and much trusted helping hand to clean kitchen stainless steel utensils. 3M Scotch brite scrub pad, as company claims, comes with Aluminum oxide and Needle punched technology to provide effective cleaning. Scotch brite scrub pad has a unique wave shape which makes it easy to hold and use.

Scotch brite scrub pad is made of non woven crimped synthetic fibres that makes it last long. With trusted 3M technology, Scotch brite is ideal for cleaning all types of stainless steel utensils with less effort.

, 6/4/2018 5:36 PM
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