Air Freshener

Get your bathroom fresh and alive with fragrance of fresh cut lemons.Create a re-vitalising experience in your bathroom with Air Wick EverFresh Gel™. Its has nature inspired fragrances locked in two distinct compartments for up to 30 days freshness.

Give your home a unique and tender waft of rose. New Air Wick Morning Rose Dew fills your home with sweet and romantic moments, reminiscent of wild red roses. Air Wick Air freshener has a dual action formula that only eliminates unpleasant odours but also fragrances the air instantly.

Transport your home into a garden with the fragrance of orange orchards. New Air Wick Orange Blossom leaves your home basked in tangy orange happy freshness.

Enhance your home’s scent story with Air Wick® Life Scents™ Cosy By The Fire® Ultra Automatic Spray. Air Wick® Life Scents™ Collection is the first constantly changing fragrance to create a welcoming atmosphere in your home.

Air Wick® Freshmatic® Ultra Automatic Sprays release bursts of continuous fresh fragrance so your home always smells welcoming. Just set the air freshener to your preferred fragrance intensity setting and enjoy while the Summer Delights refill fragrances your home

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